Robert Ott - Chairman & CEO
Tim Laing - Former Chairman, In Memoriam


Denis Dinsmore - Vice President, Finance
Andrew Khuu - Controller
Jackzon Tan - Manager, Accounting
Busola Famuyide - Manager, Financial Reporting
Daniel Xo - Manager, Corporate Finance, Planning & Analysis
Scott Doak - Financial Analyst - PML
Ecaterina Georgescu - Financial Accountant
Ashley Pfaff - Financial Accountant
Mina Rahmani - Financial Accountant (Maternity Leave)
Shannie Clarke - Accounting Clerk
Leticia Chavez - Accounts Receivable Accountant
Annie Chen - Treasury Clerk

Corporate Affairs and Development

Gilles Godard - Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Development


Ed Killin - Executive Vice President, Acquisitions
Brian Holdcroft - Vice President, Acquisitions
Ryan Eng - Senior Director, Acquisitions
Sal Fazzari - Senior Director, Acquisitions
Jessica Woods - Senior Acquisitions Analyst
Tyler Hurst - Senior Acquisitions Analyst

Information Technology

Brent Hafner - Manager, Business Solutions & Information Technology


Jason Klein - Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs
Adam Nathanson - Director, Legal and Business Affairs
Jennifer Correia - Senior Manager, Legal and Business Affairs
Adrian Battiston - Legal Counsel, Legal and Business Affairs
Voula Haloulos - Legal Assistant, Legal and Business Affairs


John Ozier - Vice President, Creative
Mike Whelan - Senior Director, Creative
Ben Strain - Creative Director
Emily Mueller Olson - Creative Director
Jennifer Essiembre - Senior Manager, Creative
Shellien Rogers - Creative Administration Manager
Natasha Solovyeva - Creative Coordinator

Business Development

David Weitzman - Vice President, Business Development

ole Administration

Chris Giansante - Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration
Mark Vanderpol - Senior Director, Administration
Michelle Aguiar - Manager, Administration
Nicole Pratt - Manager, Administration (Maternity Leave)
Michael Greaves - Manager, Royalty Processing & Reporting
Beth Husnik - Client Services Manager, Film & TV
Melissa Barber - Client Services Manager, Catalog
Sean Sutherland - Client Services Manager, Film & TV
Mhairi Holmer - Manager, Administration (Label Services)
Justin Bisaillon - Manager, Rights Management
Maja Savinovic - Client Services Manager, Film & TV
Carolyn Correia - Royalty Processing Coordinator
Asad Sheikh - Senior Analyst, Income Tracking
Tim Vitkuske - Senior Registrations Coordinator
Desmond Cholod - Client Services Manager, Production Music
Zeshan Choudhry - Royalty Processing Coordinator
Cecile DeRoland - Registrations Coordinator
Greg Marini - Royalty Processing Coordinator
Trahern Toyman - Royalty Processing Coordinator
Jenna Pemkowski - Royalty Processing Coordinator
Paul Fautley - Client Services Manager, Catalog
Derek Stewart - Registrations Coordinator
Maggie Hidderley - Client Services Manager, Film & TV

Executive Assistants

Kathryn Keating - Executive Assistant to Chairman & CEO, Robert Ott

Business Operations

Gord Miller - Senior Human Resources Consultant
Jessica Wilson - Operations Administrator (Maternity Leave)
Kira Sinstead - Administrative Assistant to the Office of the CEO
Samantha Carvalho - Senior Office Coordinator
Robyn Le Sauvage - Office Coordinator
Erin Clausen - Office Coordinator - Los Angeles Office

Synchronization & Licensing

Randall Foster - Senior Director, Creative Licensing
Brandon Schott - Director, Synchronization & Licensing
James Jacoby - Senior Coordinator, Synchronization & Licensing


Tom Leighton - Manager, Digital
Antony Von Palleske - Consultant, Content Development
Will Mountain - Digital Coordinator
Alexander Patterson - Digital Associate

Catalog Management

Yona Shereck - Catalogue Coordinator

Label Services

Tracey Singer - Senior Director, Label Services
Andy Hawke - Manager, A&R
Serena Ragogna - Marketing Manager
Andy Curran - Consultant, Label Services