ole label services
ole label services
We understand artists, because we are artists

Our label services platform creates value to new and existing master recordings through marketing, distribution, product creation, promotion/licensing, YouTube content management, and developing artists.

Full Creative Support

Whether you are a developing or established artist, we deliver the best, most personalized creative services in the world.

More than 60 years of collective experience in music gives us access to key song writing and collaborative opportunities around the world.

Masters Administration, Physical and Digital Distribution

We provide full service administration for your master sound recordings, by monetizing sync & licensing opportunities, and collecting your neighboring rights royalties from SoundExchange.

Whether you are releasing your debut EP in your home country, or are releasing your 6th studio album to a worldwide audience, ole Label Services will make sure your music hits your target audience.

Our distribution network is scalable to handle both domestic and international releases, on both physical and digital distribution platforms.

Marketing and Promotion

We provide personalized marketing support for our artists by using all forms of media. From retail to digital, from radio to television, and everywhere in between, our highly trained marketing team will get your music the exposure it needs.

With an extended network of publicists, radio trackers, advertisers and more, we are constantly on the cutting edge of marketing and promotion initiatives.

We research market trends to stay in forefront consumer preferences and focus our efforts at growing and maintaining your fan base.

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