ole Acquires the Balance of Canadian Hit Songwriter/Producer David Tyson's Catalogue

 Having originally purchased David Tyson's share of the number one Billboard hit, "Black Velvet," in 2006 along with other available copyrights, ole has acquired much of the balance of the Canadian hit songwriter/producer's catalogue including a number of chart-topping hits from artists such as Celine Dion and Amanda Marshall.

Notable copyrights in this current deal with the Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer include co-writes on Marshall's "Dark Horse," which topped the charts in Canada; "Birmingham," her biggest international hit and "Trust Me (This Is Love)," a Canadian Top Five single as well as the 2005 Celine Dion single "In Some Small Way," which was a Top 15 hit in Canada and Top 30 in the U.S.

"ole is a company that shows a great sense of future and to me they will be the forerunners of what will be called the new era in this topsy-turvy business of music," says Tyson. "I strongly believe that they will actively seek to find new generations of artists to display my wares. Music is the 'Dark Horse' that will survive and thrive."

Tyson copyrights acquired by ole previously include "Beautiful Goodbye," a Top Five hit for Amanda Marshall in Canada; five other co-writes released by Alannah Myles including "If You Want To," "Just One Kiss," "Love Is," "Lover of Mine" and "Who Loves You?"; Hall & Oates' "Don't Hold Back Your Love," which peaked at number four on the U.S. AC chart; "I Stand In Wonder" from Joe Cocker's 1987 album, Unchain My Heart; "Number One" by Margaret Urlich, ARIA Award-winning artist from New Zealand; and "Wild Ways" by Peter Cetera from his 1992 album, World Falling Down.

Tyson's involvement in the production and repertoire of both Alannah Myles and Amanda Marshall in the '90s has earned him the distinction of being associated with two of only 11 Canadian artists who have been certified diamond in Canada over the years. Alannah Myles' self-titled debut album, which contained the Tyson/Christopher Ward co-write on the international hit "Black Velvet," was certified diamond for a million sales in December of 1990. Amanda Marshall's self-titled debut was certified diamond in April of 2000.

His work with Jude Cole as both songwriter and producer on the album A View from 3rd Street earned him Juno Awards for Producer and Songwriter of the Year with the latter award also covering his work with Hall & Oates on the song "Don't Hold Back Your Love." In the '90s, Tyson collaborated with Australian singer/songwriter and musical theatre actress Tina Arena as her producer, co-writer and keyboard player. He was in the producer's chair for her albums In Deep and Don't Ask, the ARIA Album of the Year for 1995