Harper Government Wages War on Music Business

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 11, 2012) - According to ole, Canada's largest music publisher, the Harper Government has declared war on the music business, deploying tactics such as job killing copyright legislation, publicity stunts, and pre-empting an independent judicial process currently before the Copyright Board of Canada.

With Industry Minister Christian Paradis' recent announcement that he intends to prevent songwriters and recording artists from receiving royalties from memory chips used to store music in smart phones, the Harper Government signaled that its attack on music copyright didn't end with the recent passing of the controversial copyright bill C-11.

During a publicity stunt staged at a Future Shop store in Ottawa, Paradis declared, "Our government cannot allow a fee to be imposed on microSD memory cards." The related news release stated the Minister will request that the Governor-in-Council introduce regulations in the fall to achieve his goal.

ole's President Michael McCarty remarked: "This whole bizarre incident is further evidence that the Harper Government has declared war on the music industry and will go to extraordinary lengths to, once again, ensure that Canadian artists are not paid for their work. First, they drop the Bill C-11 bomb, which will likely wipe out $30 Million a year in digital music royalties, and now they are destroying markets and interfering with the autonomy of the Copyright Board."

McCarty adds, "There is also a clear pattern that shows just how far Stephen Harper's Government is prepared to go to support the large tech corporations that make billions of dollars from the piracy of music. They are killing jobs, investment, and the ability of artists to make a living."

McCarty goes on to state: "This Government does not seem to understand that in the digital age, "content is king", and ideas are more valuable than tangible goods. The copyright industries contribute more to annual GDP than agriculture or mining." 1

In conclusion, McCarty states that, "A country that fails to protect intellectual property fails to protect its economic future. We are at a crucial fork in the road, and are being led down the wrong path. Canadians need to stand up and insist that our government acts to secure our future in the information age, or we will be left in the digital dust."

For more information go to www.protectcreativity.ca or contact Julie Moe Julie_moe@olemm.com.

About ole:

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1 WIPO Study on GDP contribution in Canada - prepared for Heritage Canada www.wipo.int/ip-development/en/creative_industry/pdf/ecostudy-canada.pdf