Jack Lenz is an acclaimed composer, musician, producer and musical director. Throughout his prolific career, he has composed music for motion pictures, television, documentaries, Canadian news programs and award shows. He has also been the musical director of numerous live to broadcast events, and has directed studio sessions in countries around the world including Canada, the U.S.A., Great Britain, Russia and Slovakia.

Lenz’s passion for music, television, film and the arts has translated into a thriving business - Lenz Entertainment. Based in Toronto, the company was founded in 1992 and specializes in music composition for television and film, television and feature film production as well as artist development and management. Jack Lenz has received countless awards and commendations from numerous industries and his work is sought after by leading artists, directors and producers from around the world.

In 1997, Jack teamed up with Jamie Shannon and Jason Hopley, a multi-talented puppeteer duo also known as The Grogs. Together, they launched 3 J’s Productions under the banner of Lenz Entertainment. Celebrating the spirit of Jim Henson, 3 J’s Productions is dedicated to making distinctive children’s programming that can be seen worldwide on networks including CBC, YTV, BBC, Nickelodeon, PBS and The Disney Channel.

Jack is also a passionate humanitarian dedicated to inspiring children. Lenz co-founded the Canadian chapter of Hilary Duff’s “Kids with a Cause” a charity that supports local kid’s based charities. He is also involved with KidsFest Canada, Rainbows Canada and is currently working with Dr. Carter Snead on an unparalleled donation drive for Sick Kids Hospital.



Some of Lenz Entertainment’s most notable projects include composing and scoring music for Mel Gibson’s blockbuster hit, The Passion of the Christ. Several of Lenz’s tracks are featured on the film’s soundtrack as well.

Most recently, Lenz Entertainment provided music and post-audio services for the documentary Prom Night In Mississippi, featuring Morgan Freeman. This documentary tells the tale of Morgan Freeman’s home town, where to this day, segregation still exists in the form of separate black and white high school proms.

Lenz was music director and composer for the feature film, The Last Door, starring Angela Bassett, Andy Garcia and Francis O’Conner. He also contributed a song to the film’s soundtrack, entitled Go Where Love Goes, featuring Andrea Bocelli and child opera singer, Holly Stell.

Lenz also wrote the original score and managed the music supervision for Alliance- Atlantis’ Canadian box office hit, Men With Brooms, produced by Robert Lantos and starring Paul Gross and Molly Parker.



Jack has scored several movies of the week for the Hallmark Channel in the United States: Bridal Fever (starring Delta Burke), The Good Witch, The Good Witch’s Garden, the Good Witch’s Gift and The Good Witch’s Family. Other composition credits for movies of the week include CBC’s Tojan Horse and H2O (starring and produced by Paul Gross). Jack also wrote and arranged original songs for the CBS MOW Icebound, starring Susan Sarandon.



Lenz Entertainment has scored music for some of Canada’s most watched television shows including Due South, The Designer Guys, Sue Thomas FBI and Holmes on Homes. As well, Jack has scored the theme music for several Canadian broadcasters including CBC, CTV, Global, TVO and the Discovery Channel.



Jack’s most recent projects include scoring the music and executive producing the successful tween puppet series Mr. Meaty airing on Nickelodeon in the U.S. and CBC in Canada, as well as Ooh, Aah & You, a series of shorts featuring puppet monkeys that can be seen on The Disney Channel. Jack is also the composer and producer on the Gemini-award winning pre-school show, Nanalan’.In addition, Jack has written music for Rescue Heroes and Cardcaptors that both air on WB Kids and TeleToon. He was also the composer for the popular R. L. Stine’s series Goosebumps, produced for Scholastic in the U.S. and Canada



Jack Lenz’ numerous live to broadcast events, recording sessions and ethno-musical research has taken him around the world to such places as Canada, the U.S.A., Great Britain, Russia the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In September 2004 Jack was the musical director for the World Culture Open Award Ceremony at the Lincoln Center in New York City. He was also commissioned to write an Oratorio for the U.N.’s Special Session on Children that included such guests as Raffi, Billy Gilman and Nelson Mandela.

Jack’s role as musical director has taken him through 13 years of the Hospital for Sick Children’s Telethon, 7 years of YTV’s Youth Achievement Awards as well as several award shows including the Genies, the Geminis and the Country Music Awards.