Magneta Lane has come a long way since they decided to start their musical journey in 2003. The three bewitching young Canadian women, Lexi Valentine, Nadia King, and French collaborated their talents to produce some of the most respected indie rock music that exists today. Their sound displays courage, strength, confidence, a bit of sarcasm but a uniqueness that no one but them have shown the world. Since being discovered, Magneta Lane has been unstoppable touring in Canada, the U.S, parts of Europe and Japan. They've also shared the stage with some of the most notable names in music such as K-os, The Stills, Sloan, Stellastarr and Silversun Pickups just to name a few. Their music videos have been played on MuchMusic, MTV Canada and have been heard in many parts of the world.

Signed on their third show ever, seven years later Magneta Lane has proven to pay their dues. They have created a writing and performing craft they can only call their own. Lexi (vocals and guitarist), Nadia (drums) and French (Bass) are determined to continue on the path they've carved for themselves. They are all strong, passionate and creative women who have worked incredibly hard to gain the respect they have today.The girls' unawareness to their sex appeal is not to be taken as over confidence. They simply dedicate themselves towards creating melodies and lyrics that they can be proud enough of to share with those who will listen, and everything else besides this is insignificant. Their music will grab you by the ears and inspire ones human dignity in matters of the heart . Magneta Lane is truly one of the only real female bands around today. Inspired primarily by a lot of female fronted groups in the 90′s, they were drawn to the magical and romantically raw yet classic sounds of the The Cardigans, Garbage and Hole. These artists won the world over with not only their strength and catchy hooks, but displayed a quiet beauty when we all first discovered them on our television sets and portable CD players.

"In a way I've always felt like we're the band that never quite fit in anywhere." Valentine explains, "People always said we were too indie sounding for the pop world but too pop for the indie world. We've always been confident being the black sheep because in a way we've set ourselves apart from everyone else. We want everyone to love our music for what it is. You can't please the whole world. You can only do what you feel is right and hope that someone understands. End of story."

Magneta Lane first released The Constant Lover (2004) and Dancing With Daggers (2006) on Paperbag Records. Now graduating to Canadian big hitter Last Gang Records they present you with they're most infectious piece of work to date, Gambling With God (2009) produced and recorded by Jon Drew. In 2010, Magneta Lane continued their journey and finally released Gambling with God in the U.S with a bonus track. And once again, always staying true to themselves Magneta Lane will show you what everybody's been talking about.