Mark Sultan is back. A long-time fixture in the garage-rock scene since fronting infamous Montreal punk band, The Spaceshits. Further projects like Les Sexareenos, BBQ, Mind Controls, The King Khan & BBQ Show and The Almighty Defenders cemented his reputation as the man who spearheaded the modern garage-rock and doo-wop movement.

These days he is best known as the ʻBBQʼ half of The King Khan & BBQ Show or as a member of The Almighty Defenders. He often shirks recognition and credit but make no mistake, he is THE VOICE. He is THE HITMAKER. And itʼs a pleasure to announce his second album under his given name, $.

Mark has toured from North America through South America to Japan to Israel to Africa and back, supporting many records on labels like, Sub Pop, Vice and In The Red. He has toured with bands like Black Lips, King Khan & The Shrines, Vivian Girls and Clinic as well as opening for a list of bands that reads like a music fan's dream.
Recording as Mark Sultan began in 2007 with his album, The Sultanic Verses, which garnered acclaim from his fans worldwide. The album ushered in a departure from the garage-rock sound he had pioneered - 2-3 minute masterpieces of well-written rock n roll; bona fide hits from eras past. He was the originator of the genre's flirtation with doo-wop and possessor of a voice comparable to soul greats like Sam Cooke.
While Mark wasn't trying to dismiss his love of all things rock ‘n' roll via his encyclopedic knowledge of obscure classics from the 1950s onwards, he also needed to pursue other influences that had always haunted his brain; to explore the other sounds that shaped him since his teens; free-jazz, noise, psych and country. The formula worked. A true original sound was born.

2010′s new album $ on Last Gang Records will open ears and eyes to a name that is sometimes overlooked and to a voice and music that is sometimes not given the full credit it deserves . His talent and class will rise to the forefront without resorting to some peerʼs manufactured hype.
Wielding an arsenal of fantastic songs and performances with many projects, $ is his best work so far. Drawing from his usual influences, Mark has managed to forge an inventive and captivatingly original record. Doo-wop, R&B, punk, soul, garage-rock, psyche, country and even noise are blended into a seamless new sound that finds a place on the base of your spine and crawls its way up, slowly.