O'Luge is a musical collaboration of songwriting and studio manipulation between Orville ‘Wyz' Malcolm and Jeffrey A. Holdip a.k.a. Bobby O'Luge. The collaboration began in 1998 when Wyz and Luge created the first Luge Sessions release Hard End, which was nominated for a JUNO in 2000.

The relationship between Wyz and Luge continued to create the 2008 releaseMovements. Wyz and Luge called upon some of the best musicians from various genres and produced a unique sound, highlighting the individuality of each contributor.

Outside the existence of the studio both are busy in the live music field. Wyz is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist performing with a myriad of artists. Luge has been a live sound engineer for 25 years and is currently touring with Nelly Furtado.